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I'm a free-lance Pet Artist, Cartoonist and Big UK humour comic fan My main website https://www.facebook.com/petergrayart If you would like me to draw your pet please email me at petergrayartist@gmail.com I use your photo and will draw it on High Quality The Langton watercolour A4 paper and using Faber Castell black pencil. Commissions in black and white I like to draw close ups of the pets face and body rather than drawing the whole pet. Postage and Packaging £5 It was be presented mounted. For other sizes or you want it in colour using acrylics please email me.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Health promotion poster for NHS

This image is designed to make you have a more balanced diet...good fun to draw...
It was used in Doctors Waiting Rooms and Chemists in Surrey.

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