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Friday, 24 July 2009

Billy Bird comic strip Background info

My thought process.....

Billy Bird is a comic strip a bit like Garfield with a pet and a bit like Blondie with a dating couple also mixed in! I used what Jim Davis said...there are lots of dog strips so I'll do a cat strip...so I thought what is the 3rd best selling pet around the world....its not a rabbit...hamster..but its a bird!

Also birds are the only thing other than humans to talk!!

I also have had 2 budgies (Whiskey and Soda!)in the past... my sisters pets....they were always fighting!!

At the same time I started this strip I fell in love and started dating..(I've now been married for nearly 5 years!)..the characters William and Zoe are based a bit on Carol and I! Its a bit of a love triangleish...the girlfriend Zoe is second to the pet Billy Bird in Williams eyes..sometimes Zoe is first....

William lives with Billy Bird....William's only best friend...in the comic strip I often refer to Zoe meeting her friends But William has none! William has a heart but he is a bit of a lad...a man who won't grow up! William is a gardener and odd job man ......Zoe is a nurse...
I have a few rules in my strip....
1) Billy Bird is the only animal to talk!
2) There is only 2 characters ever shown...William and Zoe...all other people are behind the scenes! e.g. talk to family by phone...just about to visit...Even in the park you only see them and no one else!! The idea for this...is to show a strong love for the couple no one else is needed...I was inspired by the Krazy Kat idea of a cat a mouse and a Police dog and no one else!
I may change my mind on this rule...though it is a good way of getting to know my main characters.
3) Every strip will have Billy Bird in it....this is to show how clingy he is to these characters!
4) The other main animal characters are Fluff the cat who is out to get Billy Bird and Baby Bird who Billy teaches and supports.

The Traits-
William is lazy...has no other friends...can't be bothered...and he is a bit thoughtless

Zoe spends too much money on clothes and talks behind peoples back!

Billy Bird is demanding...naughty and very cheeky!!

Some background to the strip....This information will help me to come up with ideas for the strip in the future.
William is 28 years old and Zoe is 24 years old.

William's father is aged 60 and called Robin (My Dads real name!) he was a gardener until he did his back in... he looks after a aviary in his big garden. He is a bird lover..he was the one who gave Billy Bird to William to keep an eye on him..But also to give him a friend. He likes teaching birds to talk and also treats birds as children. Robin kept Billy Bird in the house and talked to it endlessly- his wife found Billy Bird spoiling their relationship so asked him to get rid of it. Billy Bird is now very involved in William and Zoe's relationship.

Robin's wife is called Sue aged 52..she can't stand birds and hate the noisy bird aviary in the garden!! Sue is a cat lover!! Would like to own a cat but can't because of the aviary!
Sue is a vet. Sue meets many pet cats so is happy. Sue loves Robin.

Robin is a bit set in his ways and hates leaving his birds to go on holiday. William keeps an eye on the birds for his Dad when he is away.

Billy Bird views the aviary as a prison!! Billy Bird fancies one of the birds and likes visiting her...it is a bit of a prison romance!
Billy Bird has one problem when it comes to romance with another bird...he is too human!! Seeing William and Zoe in love and happy is what keeps him going!

Billy Bird is very devoted to William and does anything for him. William does take advantage of this and gets him to do the housework and other unpleasent work! William misses his Mum and Dad doing this! Though Zoe often tells him off for being lazy!

William likes bird watching...Billy Bird can't understand why he is so nosey! William met Zoe when he was bird watching...he spotted her in the park!! :)

Zoe is sometimes fed up of Billy Bird tagging along when she wants to be alone with William. Zoe has a nurse is very caring and very sociable seeing her nurse friends. She is worried that William is content to be friends with only Billy Bird. William and Zoe often watch the football...have romantic meals together...country walks and lots of kissing and hugging!!

Zoe's Mum and Dad are proud of their daughter...Zoe's mum is Anna...46 years old and Zoe's Dad is called Ben 48 years old. Anna and Ben are not sure of William as suitable for Zoe. Though Anna loves his pet Billy Bird!! They are amazed at how clever he is!! Zoe's parents are bakers. Billy Bird likes meeting them!! (loves bread!) Ben is often giving advice to Zoe. Anna is always ringing her daughter...she is a bit of a worrier!

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