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Friday, 24 July 2009

Exhibition posters for Pro Drive IT

These are the large posters I did for Bruce Penson at Pro Drive IT
from there website

Pro Drive iT exhibit at Woking Means Business
Pro Drive iT exhibit at the annual ‘Woking Means Business’ trade fair where “Pro Drive iT Jenga” draws in curious visitors. Delivering a serious message that IT infrastructure is a core component which all businesses are built, the competition also raised £51 for the Samantha Dixon Brain Tumour Trust.

They were used at there exhibition, they also had a large Jenga blocks tower to give it a visual impact for there stall.

The four posters also had wording on them which isn't shown here. Basically the tower is your business which looks secure But is very unstable. 2nd picture shows the tower being knocked down by the Vikings! 3rd picture show the man thinking what to do. 4th picture shows help from Pro-Drive (concrete for the tower) the Business is given lots of ideas and help to make it safe and work better. You can also see the Vikings locked up in the tower :)

So a zany idea But it did get people talking and enjoying it...drawing the crowd.
I had to draw this in 1 and 1/2 days so I had to be quick with the idea and poster pictures.

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